About Writing...

About Genre

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I write what I want to write. If a plot is not interesting to me when I write it, it certainly will not be enjoyable for you when you read it. If one must classify my novels, they fall into these genres: family drama, romantic fantasy, psychological thriller, crime mystery. Deal with it.

What do I Read?

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This is a question often asked of authors. I can honestly say I read very little. When I read good work, and I only read good work, I find myself changing my 'voice.' It is subtle, but the change is very real and hard to shake if I don't particularly like the change. I like my writing 'voice.' I protect it dearly.

Why Self-publish?


I pursued traditional publishing for two years and was quite turned off by the experience. I write for my personal enjoyment and that of my readers. I do not write having the goal of becoming a literary millionaire. Life is too precious and my goals do not align with those of agents and publishers. Self-publishing works for me.

E-books or Print?


I love handing a signed print copy of one of my novels to a reader. It's personal. I get to know them. They get to know me. An e-book is anything but personal. I acknowledge there is a market for e-books so I participate in that market albeit with a certain degree of disdain.

I feel the geometric progression of e-book sales and the ease with which writers can spit out poorly written work has resulted in a poisoning of the literary market; that and I am getting old and grumpy.



An author has one chance to make an impression upon an educated reader. When it comes to editing, OCD is not a bad thing. I strive for perfection. I find that to be an asymptotic goal. No doubt you will find a few mistakes in my writing or perhaps you would prefer I had used a different choice of words. I find those very faults in novels written by today's best-sellers. Imperfection is not there without the effort of my beta readers, my editor, and myself trying our best to avoid it.

My Readers


Nothing means more to me than when one of my readers shares with me a moment in their life with one of my novels. As with my medical ministry, I want to have a positive impact on the life of my patient. That goal is no different (though the circumstances are) with my readers. I want them to feel what I feel when I write my novels and to walk away with a message.