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                            Doug Carlyle:  Writing Fiction & Saving Lives ... All In A Day's Work

Welcome to my website! Here, you will find details about my writing and a bit about me. Please sign my Guestbook and be sure to read my Blog. I live in the Texas Hill Country. Against this backdrop of mountains, valleys, live water, and wildlife, I am writing fiction intended to touch all of my readers in a very special way. When I am not writing, I practice my medical ministry as a paramedic in rural, Central Texas. May our paths not cross unless you meet me with pen in hand or typing words that will stand the test of time.  Enjoy!   

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Buy Death by Times New Roman at Amazon, Createspace, and B & N.

New for 2014 - The debut novel of my Cat Kavanagh Mystery Series. Death by Times New Roman.

This novel is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree!

Eighteen Books...Eighteen Towns...Eigtheen Murders!

FBI Special Agent Cat Kavanagh is trailing a vicious killer who stabbed each of his victims. It is more than coincidental that every time author Bradley R. Woodbury publishes another best-selling novel, police find a woman dead, always in the same quiet town the author had chosen as the setting for his book.

A decorated former Army Captain, Kavanagh is tough, cunning, and beautiful. Now, she is the bait for Woodbury's final novel. Will she find the killer before she, too, suffers Death by Times New Roman?



Buy FBM Now at Amazon, Createspace, and B & N... 

Published in 2010. An Exquisite Family Drama.

A 2012 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.

Recognized by the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, the Spring 2010 Houston Writers Guild Novel Contest, and the 2010 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition!

Sean Marcum is driven to find the meaning of his mother's swan song. The last words she wrote in her journal were, "Fuller Brush Man". She always communicated life's most important lessons via riddles, and he is convinced this is her finale. Sadly, Sean was never good at solving riddles, and his quest turns into an obsession, nearly costing him his marriage, and his life. 
Sean's high school sweetheart, Kim, had a special bond with his mother. She was also a master at riddles. The one-time lovers have been married to others for more than 30 years. Kim's marriage has been picture perfect, Sean's not so much. Upon Kim's death from breast cancer, Sean receives a memoir she penned celebrating their failed relationship. Her book, The Road to Monticello, contains the secret to a long, happy relationship for which Sean so desperately searches. It is a lesson all of us should take to heart.


Buy Vinegarone Now at Amazon, Createspace, and B&N.

Published in 2012. A Wonderful Romantic Fantasy.

Recognized by the 2010 William Faulkner- William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, Novel-in-Progress.

Vinegarone is nothing more than rugged land with few inhabitants and little to hope for. Or is it?

Jeep Allhands says that time bends in Vinegarone and that life as we know it emanates from a large tree – the Lone Madrone. A descendant of the original Native Americans who called this part of Texas home, Jeep maintains a sanctuary for a handful of homeless men who bask in the humility of this foreboding land as they mend their souls.

Life with his crew and Kimmisue, the daughter of the only woman he ever loved, gets turned on its end when Jeep befriends a confused, homeless woman, Candi LaRue. Jeep does what he does best. He heals Candi's physical and emotional wounds. Afterwards, he integrates her into the odd mix of personalities at home. Just as all seems to be going right, Candi recalls what brought her to Texas in the first place. She was hunting a criminal, and she can't give up the chase.  

There's one catch, nobody ever leaves Vinegarone...


On Sale Beginning September 1, 2013 at Amazon and B&N. Will Be at Local Retailers Soon After.

Buy Boundaries Now at Amazon, Createspace, and B&N.

Published in 2013. A Riveting Psychological Thriller.

Boundaries is a disturbing story about the blurred lines between love and betrayal, freedom and control, fantasy and treachery, good and evil, past and future. Diane Alders is a successful, workaholic sales executive in the medical field who has a void in her heart as a result of the tragic death of her husband seven years ago. Mickey Rollins is a genius and entrepreneur about to introduce a revolutionary new therapy that will ‘repair’ injured or impaired brains. Their sputtering romance hits full speed when Mickey invites Diane to accompany him on a lavish and bizarre vacation to the exotic South Seas intended to stretch their senses, fulfill wild dreams, and bring them closer together. Disaster strikes, and it is Diane who becomes Mickey’s first human test subject. There’s a catch…the healing process requires a surrogate, and Mickey chooses their mutual friend, lover and temptress—the beautiful Suki. The resurrection of Diane that transpires is not only a transfer of physical and cerebral attributes, but a blending of relationships, feelings, and emotions, drawing many into the fray, ending as shockingly as it begins. 


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