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Following the success of FBM, I published this novel in the fall of 2012.

The story is a romantic fantasy. The book is 481 pages long, 107K words.

My daughter Sarah created this incredible cover by merging three photographs. The eyes belong another daughter, Megan. The tree is at the top of our ranch, and the mountain in the distance is the region of the Devils River in Val Verde County, Texas.


Log line:  Where the middle of nowhere touches the center of the universe.

Vinegarone is my second novel. It is a romantic fantasy that is set in the present day, with an integral romance, in a western setting. Two things happened to me that gave me the concept of this novel. First, I witnessed the unconscionable treatment of a woman transient by a hospital's staff. I was able to personally intervene in what I felt was a positive way and turn a terribly inhumane situation into something that would hopefully become life-altering for her. My imagination blended this episode with a little My Fair Lady to develop the storyline and relationships.

Now for the second event that influenced me. Where would this story take place? In Vinegarone, of course. I was having a conversation with a friend over a glass of wine, and she asked about one of the towns listed on the front cover of the local telephone directory. Keep in mind we live in a very rural area. The town was Vinegarone, and she had never heard of it, nor had I. I investigated, and it was quite an undertaking to find anyone who had heard of this place. Little more than a remnant of a general store and, quite literally, a wide spot in the road, it sounded perfect for the setting of the story.

Vinegarone made it to the short-list of finalists in the 2010 William Faulkner - William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition (Novel-in-Progress)! 

Watch the trailer on Animoto.

Read the prologue for a taste. 

Reviews & Remarks...

"This book pulled me into the story from the beginning. I had to force myself to lay down my Kindle. I wanted more, more, & more once the book ended! Can hardly wait for Mr. Carlyle's next book."

"...I highly recommend this book if you like to read something different once in awhile. It's well-written and atmospheric. And the story itself is fascinating."

"After reading Vinegarone, I wasn't sure whether it would come under the category of thriller, romance, or fantasy, However, Mr. Carlyle is an excellent writer and this book certainly keep the reader turning pages as you reach the final chapters."

"Writer and teacher John Gardner once talked about what he called 'the fictional dream', which means that good fiction does its job by creating a dream state for the reader, and as long as the writer manages to maintain that dream state, the reader won't 'wake up' from it and will continue to 'live' in the fictional world the writer has created. In my mind, Douglas Carlyle succeeded in doing just that with this book."

"...Could not put this book down!! Makes you really think about other communities and their people. Made me wonder what this world would be like. Doug gave me an amazing read..."

The Shaman and his followers. Or is this a stone Polaroid of Jeep Allhands? Does time bend as he claims it does?