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Boundaries is actually my first novel. The genre is medical thriller. I began writing the novel more than ten years before I published it.

The book is a departure from what my readers have come to expect. The book is much longer at 690 pages, 217K words. Agents and publishers challenged me to shorten it. I couldn't bare to do that. I considered making the book a trilogy or serial, but the story works so well the way it is. My steady readers enjoyed it immensely, describing it with adjectives such as "scandalous", "riveting", "intense", "pushing the limits", "intriguing", "wonderfully technical".

Unlike my other novels, Boundaries has more adult situations and some violence. Anyone 18 years of age and older will find it impossible to put down.


Log Line:  Where Science Meets Hedonism.

Boundaries is a disturbing story about the blurred lines between love and betrayal, freedom and control, fantasy and treachery, good and evil, past and future. Diane Alders is a successful, workaholic sales executive in the medical field who has a void in her heart as a result of the tragic death of her husband seven years ago. Mickey Rollins is a genius and entrepreneur about to introduce a revolutionary new therapy that will ‘repair’ injured or impaired brains. Their sputtering romance hits full speed when Mickey invites Diane to accompany him on a lavish and bizarre vacation to the exotic South Seas intended to stretch their senses, fulfill wild dreams, and bring them closer together. Disaster strikes, and it is Diane who becomes Mickey’s first human test subject. There’s a catch…the healing process requires a surrogate, and Mickey chooses their mutual friend, lover and temptress—the beautiful Suki. The resurrection of Diane that transpires is not only a transfer of physical and cerebral attributes, but a blending of relationships, feelings, and emotions, drawing many into the fray, ending as shockingly as it begins. 

New Release as of September 1, 2013!!

Read an excerpt...Teaser 1.

If that's not enough, here is another...Teaser 2.

Reviews & Remarks...

"I can only give five stars to this book. I'd give it more if I could. It's probably the most intriguing, fascinating story I have ever read. Although very long, it held me spellbound to the very end. Douglas Carlyle is a master storyteller. He knows how to bring the reader through winding roads, hairpin bends and vertiginous slopes..."

"This third book of Douglas Carlyle's demonstrates what an talented author he is. It combines the romantic eroticism readers loved in Shades of Gray with the underlying mystery of a David Baldacci novel. It sucks you in from the first page and doesn't let go. Really great story and fascinating concept."