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Ducks on our lake...

My website gets a lot of traffic. 'Bots' and 'Spyders' routinely crawl my site. I can always distinguish these phantom guests from real people. The latter examine more of this site's content and take time doing so. What you leave behind is an IP address and a location from where you were reading what I have to say. That's not very personal. So, please take time to sign my guestbook. I'd like to get to know just a little about you just as I've shared with you a little about me. You may also read and contribute to my blog.


I would not be where I am in life today without the overwhelming positive influence of these individuals:


Professor George E. Anner*—for all of his guidance in college, and getting my career going.

David Ledvina*—for all of his guidance and friendship.

David Neill—for setting an example I wanted to follow.

Ger Schonk—a true businessman and leader.

Dad—there is not enough bandwidth to say all I need to say.  My only regret is it took too long to figure out what a great man you are.


Peggy - for all of your love and support, and for creating this SUPER website.  I am now officially married to a Geek!

Sandy - for all of your outstanding feedback, as well as structure and copy editing...and for turning out to be an okay sister after all these years ;-) 

Sarah Sue - for my book covers

All of my wonderful beta readers and content editors.

Writers' League of Texas www.writersleague.org

Houston Writers Guild www.houstonwritersguild.org

The retail stores and libraries that carry my book.

Hilary* - My inspiration for Kim.

My Agent - YOUR name could be here!