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Meet Cat Kavanagh! She's sassy, confident, and beautiful. A former Army Captain, this ex-CBRNE officer is now taking aim at troublemakers in her new role at the FBI. Her exploits will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy crime mysteries with a woman sleuth, this is your next read!

The novel is 394 intense pages and is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree!

The Cat Kavanagh Mysteries...

Log Line:  Reading can be hazardous to your health.

Volume 1:  Death by Times New Roman  -  Available Now!

Volume 2:  Death by the Byte  -  Available Late 2017

Volume 3:  Death by the Stitch  -  Available Late 2019

Read this excerpt from Death by Times New Roman!

Read this excerpt from Death by the Byte!

I apologize for the delayed release of the second and third installments of my Cat Kavanagh Series. I won't bore you with excuses. Nobody is more frustrated about this than me. Please be patient. Thank you.

Reviews & Remarks...

“Cat Kavanagh promises to be a woman whose adventures you want to read about again and again, this first one taking off like a rocket... the new Superwoman with a difference. A heroine with a heart and true human feelings.”

“Move over Sanford there's a new writer in town - and yes, he's that good! Doug Carlyle has shown his talents in a variety of story genres and this is another for him. His character Kat Cavanaugh{sic} is the female version of Sandford's Virgil Flowers . Funny, charismatic, and stand up solid. Great story that hooked you from the first paragraph and kept you holding on to the last. Another kudo for Carlyle - this one's a winner!”

“Like fine chocolates, when it's gone you want more. Cat Kavanagh (catchy little name BTW) is still somewhat of a mystery woman. You think you know her and whamo, you are blindsided by something else in her past or in her behavior. Similar to Kay Scarpetta, she is right up there as a complex, intriguing woman who is also fun to get to know. The scenes are distinct enough to paint a picture in your mind as you travel through this mystery. Several of the locations and references actually struck a chord in me as I have lived in or visited those places which was fun. The downside: Once you pick up this book your laundry won't get folded, your dishwasher will not get emptied, the family won't get fed (thank you for Take Out Delivery service) and you will be in your jammies all day long. I'm already anxious to read the next book in this series.”

“Fun, exciting story with characters that you want to hang out with. Doug is an amazing author whose stories and characters are memorable.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~